Tecnosteel 19″ 38U 600×800×1879mm Progress 600 podni ormar crni (P6838N)



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A rational design & a touch of colour
– Front and rear tubulars are blue; basic colours are grey or black.

The structure & load capacity
– The frame is connected by three-way joints in die-cast aluminum. The frame new structural features give a greater load capacity of 1000 Kg

More space and full access
– The Progress structure offers direct access to extreme units and to the grounding points both on the door side and on the panels sides.

Handle with snap opening
– The new handle is fitted with a button that releases the opening snap le-ver-ture, thus making the fixed presence of the key superfluous, having only the block function

– Width 600mm
– Depth 800mm
– Glass front door
– Blind rear and side pannels
– Usable height: 38U
– Load capacity: 1000 kg
– Degree of protection: IP20






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