Roline VALUE adapter USB-C – USB2.0 Micro B, F/M



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– Adapter from USB Micro B plug to type C socket, for example to connect a smartphone to a charger or Macbook, Ultrabook, notebook/laptop or PC
– Reversible Design, plug and unplug the Type C connector easily without checking for the orientation
– Use this adapter to easily connect your smartphone or tablet with USB Micro B with a charger or other suitable devices, like MacBooks, Ultrabooks, Notebooks/Laptops or PCs by using a USB Type C-C cable

– Colour: Black
– Transfer quality: USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 480 Mbit/s
– Side 1 Connector Type: USB 2.0 Type Micro B
– Side 1 Connector Gender: Male
– Side 2 Connector Type: USB Type C (USB-C)
– Side 2 Connector Gender: Female
– Area of application: External