Mikrotik PL7400, PWR-LINE napajanje, microUSB konektor, Type C plug



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– PL7400 is designed for MikroTik products with microUSB port, like hAP mini or hAP lite
– Connect PL7400 to your electrical outlet and then connect the USB cable to power your supported MikroTik device
– When doing the same with another PWR-LINE compatible device somewhere further in your premises, the devices will form a 100Mbit (max) connection without needing to install any LAN cables

– AC input range: 100-240V
– Input Voltage: 100-240V
– Operating Temperature: -20C to +60C
– PLC chipset: AR7420
– Storage size: 1 MB
– Storage type: FLASH
– Tested ambient temperature: -40C to 70C