Roline optički mrežni kabel LC-SC 9/125µm, Duplex, OS2, 3.0m, žuti


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– LSOH fiber optic patch cable with single mode fibers in OS2 quality
– Cable sheathing made of halogen-free, low smoke and flame-retardant material
– Assembled with high-quality connectors with ceramic ferrule
– Core structure: Duplex cable I-VH
– High tensile strength due to Kevlar with aramid fibres

– Colour: Yellow
– Length: 3.0 m
– Quantity of fibre: 2
– Cable type: Duplex Cable
– External cable: No
– Fibre section: 9/125µm OS2
– Connection ports: LC / SC
– Side 1 Connector Type: LC
– Side 2 Connector Type: SC
– Colour (Cable): Yellow
– Kevlar strain relief: Yes
– Crossed: Yes
– Cable LSOH: Yes