Orico 3.5″ HDD zaštitni kofer za 20 diskova, otporan na vodu/šok, crni (ORICO-PSC-L20-BK)


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ABS / PP composite material, stable design
– Composite material has excellent impact resistance, can be used in high temperature difference environment .

Excellent German craft
– Designer has delicately combined local culture and the German concept of mechanical and modern production technology, simple yet extraordinary, in line with modern minimalist aesthetics.

High quality
– From ORICO’s years producing experience of hard drive protection serious, well aware of rigid storage needs of users, this product is made of PP alloy plastic material, providing stable and reliable protection of hard drive.

Safety lock design
– Designed with safety lock on both sides, you need not to worry about the hard drive inside, no matter on the trip or stay at home.

Hand-held hook
– Practical hand-held hook allows you to easily put it to anywhere you want.

Waterproof protection
– Built-in rubber ring round the inner edge, prevent water from coming in.

Shockproof lining
– Adopting EPE shockproof lining on the bottom, foam on the top, can replace 30 hard drives, bringing all round protection for your hard dirves.

– Support: 3.5”HDD*20
– Color: Black
– Dimensions: 400 X 360 X 195mm
– Resistant Temperature: -40? ~ 90?