MikroTik (LHG5) Compact 5GHz Wireless Device with 24.5dBi grid Antena


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MikroTik RBLHG-5ND (LHG5), Light Head Grid (LHG) is a compact and light wireless device with an integrated 24.5dBi 5Ghz 802.11a n Dual Chain antenna up to 316 mW TX power. equipped with 600Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, 1x 10 100Mbps Ethernet port and RouterOS L3 license, perfect for CPE or Point-to-Point links. RBLHG-5nD supports 5150MHz-5875MHz range. Dish Dimension 391 x222mm, 560 g. Includes 24V, 0,38A Power adapter, PoE injector, 2x metal rings